Wahls Protocol Course

Wahls Protocol Course

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In this course, Dr. Terry Wahls teaches patients a radical new way to treat chronic autoimmune conditions.

After multiple sclerosis landed her in a wheelchair, Dr. Wahls embraced the concepts of functional medicine and made a choice to rely on food as her medicine (developing a unique, nutrient-rich plan inspired by Paleo principles). Her transformation was nothing short of miraculous. She soon regained full mobility and left the wheelchair behind for good.

Dr. Wahls first shared her story, along with the three levels of her diet plan, in her bestselling book The Wahls Protocol. This course will review key elements of that protocol and also outline vital strategies that will boost your energy, stabilize your mood and reduce your pain.

If you are struggling with MS or other, similar chronic autoimmune diseases, this course is for you. Join Dr. Wahls to receive the inspiration and tactical, practical advice necessary to begin the hard work of taking back your health.